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Post Renovation Cleaning – Your To-Do List

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Once your house renovation is finished and you’ve successfully paid off the carpenters and the architect for a job well done, it’s time for you to take a peek inside your home and calculate exactly how much cleaning you’ll be doing to make your home livable again. You can clearly expect the interior of the house to be dusty and dirty. If you renovated just one of your rooms, then you’ll still be cleaning the rest of the house because of all that sawdust flying all over the place once you start vacuuming or dusting the place. You also have your appliances to reconsider; you’ll have to move your TV, stereo speakers and everything else that might get dirty once you start cleaning up the place.

In order to clean your house without problems, you’ll need to systematically plan out how you’re going to do the cleaning. One of the things that you can do is to create a checklist of how you plan on doing the cleaning. Consider this a fun activity to do with the other members of the family. Those who are strong and big enough to carry some of the furniture and appliances can take care of the heavy tasks, while the children, the old, and those who are not suited for lifting heavy objects can take care of the minor tasks.

Here are some of the cleaning tasks that you can do and share with the other members of the family:

  • Dusting and cleaning the baseboards
  • Dusting and wet-wiping the hard surface floors
  • Using the vacuum to clean the carpeted areas
  • Cleaning the water heater, the utility cabinet, the heating system, the storage area (or areas, if your house is that big enough), and the garage
  • Cleaning the water valve box
  • Removing the spider cobwebs
  • Dusting the doorknobs, switches, plug covers, and the doors
  • Cleaning and rubbing the glass windows, sliding doors, sills and tracks
  • Cleaning the interior part of the cabinet. This includes cleaning the cupboards, tainted woodwork, vanities, toys and other items that are displayed inside the cabinet.
  • Cleaning the plumbing fixtures, such as faucets, the shower knob, the bathroom mirror, and other vanities found inside the bathroom
  • Getting rid of all packaging, maintenance and instruction guides. Be careful that you don’t get hurt because of all the construction tools and materials that might be lying around the house.
  • Removing nails that were thrown on the floor
  • Cleaning the toilet seats, bathtubs, kitchen, and toilet sinks
  • Getting rid of the sawdust, the wood shavings and all the extra and cut wood that remains on the floor.

Now that you have a basic idea on exactly what needs to be done, it is now up to you to decide who gets to do what chore. Or you can all just decide to get the services of a commercial cleaner. If you don’t know anyone, simply search for residential cleaning services near me and you’ll get a lot of results, with the names of cleaning services in front of your computer screen within minutes.


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