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Commercial Office Cleaning - What to Inspect After the Service

Office cleaning is always a chore. The good thing is that you have people to count on if your office needs some cleaning once your employees are gone for the day or for the week if it’s a weekend. If you’ve hired a competent janitor and you only have a small office, then cleaning your office is a breeze. However, if your office is huge and it is literally a building with three or four floors of offices that need cleaning, then perhaps it is time to dial for office cleaning in Chattanooga TN.

Calling for a professional cleaning service is not a bad decision at all. If you have a huge office, then you can’t expect one single janitor to clean everything up for the next day. Some offices reserve the opportunity to call for office cleaning during the weekends or holidays. These are usually the days where most of the employees are gone, so the crew can concentrate on cleaning your office. Most of the time, they’ll be finished within the day. But before you pay for their services for the day, you need to do something first just to be sure that they did their work properly. As the owner of the said office, you need to inspect your office to make sure that everything is clean.

So how exactly do you inspect your office for cleanliness? Here’s a checklist on the things that you need to inspect inside your office:

  • Are the desks, tables, cabinets, and cupboards (if your office has a pantry) dust free? Dust can be very tricky to clean and cleaning those desks and tables can be a real pain sometimes. Not just the furniture, but the appliances should be also free from dust. Make sure that your computers, printer, fax machine, and other electrical devices in your office are free from dust.
  • Check every nook and cranny of your office floor. Everything must be clean and odor-free. If your office floor is made of wood or tiles, it should be sparkling clean. Also, check if the office cleaning chattanooga crew used medical grade cleaning materials in order to help get rid of germs too.
  • Finally, check the windows to make sure that they are cleaned properly. If your office has a pantry, it should be sparkling clean as well. The trash cans should be clean from rubbish with plastic bags installed for use.

Make sure to check the work of the professional cleaners before they leave. And for office in Chatanooga that require cleaning, we are more than happy to serve you! Give us a call at Chatanooga Commercial Cleaning today!

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