Chattanooga Commercial Cleaning


We are a professional cleaning services company that operates in Ottawa. Founded in 1995, we have years of experience in keeping our clients happy. And we do it by perfecting the art of cleaning and by making sure that we don’t leave any job half-done. With these in our hearts and minds, Chattanooga Commercial Cleaning has and will always continue to strive for our customer’s satisfaction.

Cleaning companies just simply come and go as they please. They simply clean up your home, get the bill from you, and then leave without even thinking whether they’ve done a good job or not. We at Chattanooga Commercial Cleaning don’t just clean your home and go; we make sure that your home is left without any trace or dirt. Whether it’s the actual dust and grime or disease-carrying bacteria and germs, we make sure to get rid of it all.

Our professional crew of cleaners is highly trained and available to clean your house or office at any time. We make sure that they have the right skills and the right tools for the job. They are also insured and bonded for the job, so you can relax while our cleaners work on making your home spic and span again.

We only use cleaning materials that are hospital-grade and modern for efficiently cleaning your home and to prevent cross-contamination. Thus, we at Chattanooga Commercial Cleaning make sure that your home is not only clean but disease-free too.

Our services range from residential and office cleaning, post-renovation cleaning, and garden maintenance. We also have janitorial and maid services available on your location. And if ever you don’t like our service or our crew forgot to clean one area in your house, then simply pick up the phone and we’ll send our cleaning crew over to finish the job!

For more information on our services, simply fill up the form on our Contact Us page or call us at (423) 445-1154.